Terms and Conditions

Article 1 Purpose

The purpose of these Terms and Conditions of Use is to stipulate the conditions of use and operation of the service of "Taecho" (hereinafter referred to as "Site").

Article 2 Definition of Terms

The key terms used in these Terms and Conditions are defined as follows.

① Member: A person who has signed a membership registration by agreeing to the terms and conditions of the site and providing personal information, and who uses the site after signing a use contract with the site.

② User contract: refers to a contract signed between a site and a member in connection with the use of a site.

③ Member ID (hereinafter referred to as "ID") refers to a combination of unique letters and numbers given to each member for the identification of a member and the use of the member'

④ Password: It refers to a combination of letters and numbers selected by a member to confirm that the member is a member that matches the ID given and to protect the rights and interests of the member.

⑤ Operator: refers to an operator who opens and operates a website in a service.

⑥ Cancellation: It refers to the cancellation of the contract of use by a member.

Rules other than Article 3 Terms and Conditions

If necessary, the operator may notify the operating policy separately, and if these terms and conditions overlap with the operating policy, the operating policy will take precedence.

Article 4 Conclusion of a Use Contract

① The use contract is established with the consent of the operator to the contents of these terms and conditions of the person who intends to use the site by registering as a member and applying for membership.

② Any person who intends to use the service by registering as a member shall read these terms and conditions and express his/her consent to these terms and conditions by selecting "I agree" below when applying for the site.

Article 5 Application for Service Use

① Users who wish to register as members and use the site must provide all the information (user ID, password, nickname, etc.) requested by the site.

② Members who do not register their true information, such as stealing other people's information or registering false information, cannot claim any rights in relation to the use of the site and may be punished in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations.

Article 6 Personal Information Processing Policy

The site and operator do not have a password among the personal information provided at the time of membership registration, and the related part is subject to the site's personal information processing policy.

The operator shall endeavor to protect the personal information of the member, including the member registration information, as prescribed by the relevant statutes.

The protection of the personal information of members shall be governed by the relevant laws and the personal information processing policy prescribed by the site.

However, the operator shall not be responsible for any information exposed due to reasons attributable to the member.

If a member registers and distributes illegal posts, such as posts that are hindered or violate national security, the operator may view the member's data and submit the data to the relevant agency at the request of the relevant agency.

Article 7 Obligations of Operators

① If the operator deems that an opinion or complaint raised by a user member is justified, he/she shall deal with it as soon as possible. However, if it is difficult to process quickly due to personal reasons, we will do our best, such as sending a note or e-mail to the members afterwards.

② For continuous and reliable site delivery, the operator may require the site to repair or repair any failure or loss of the facility without delay. However, if there is a natural disaster or inevitable reason for the site or operator, the site operation may be temporarily suspended.

Article 8 Obligations of Members

① Members shall comply with the site's announcements, such as the provisions of these Terms and Conditions, all regulations, notices, and operating policies set by the operator, and shall not interfere with the site's work or damage the site's reputation.

② A member shall not transfer or donate the right to use the service or other status under the contract of use to another person unless explicitly agreed by the site, and shall not provide it as collateral.

③ Customers must pay considerable attention to ID and password management and cannot provide their IDs to third parties without the consent of the operator or site.

④ Members shall not infringe on the intellectual property rights of operators, sites and third parties.

Article 9 Service hours

① In principle, the service hours shall be 24 hours a day, 24 hours a day, 24 hours a day, unless there is any special business or technical problem. However, the site can suspend the service on the day or time determined by the site for regular system inspection, expansion, and replacement, and the service suspension due to scheduled work is notified on the site's website in advance.

② However, the Site may suspend the Service temporarily or permanently without prior notice or notice in the following cases.

- Urgent system inspection, expansion, replacement, failure or malfunction

- Where there are unavoidable reasons such as a national emergency, power outage, natural disaster, etc

- Where a telecommunication business operator as prescribed in the Telecommunications Business Act has stopped telecommunication services

- Where the normal use of services is hindered due to the congestion of service use, etc.

③ In the case of service interruption under the preceding paragraph, the site notifies the member in advance through notice, etc. However, if it is impossible to notify in advance of the suspension of services caused by reasons beyond the site's control, it will be replaced with a post-announcement.

Article 10 Cancellation of Service Use

① If a member intends to terminate the use contract with the site, the member himself/herself must apply for cancellation of registration online. On the other hand, apart from the cancellation of the site use, the cancellation of the site use contract must be made separately.

② As the site-related programs provided by the site are automatically deleted from the member management screen upon the application for termination, the operator will no longer be able to view the applicant's information.

Article 11 Restrictions on Service Use

A member shall not engage in any of the following acts, and in such cases, the site may restrict the use of the member's services and take legitimate measures, terminate the use contract or suspend the service for a fixed period.

① The act of registering false information when registering as a member or when changing information after signing up

② The act of obstructing the use of another person's site or stealing information

③ Impersonating the site's management, staff, or stakeholders

④ Infringement of a site or other third party's personal or intellectual property rights or obstruction of business

⑤ Illegal use of another member's ID

⑥ Collection, storage, and disclosure of personal information about other members without their consent

⑦ an act that is objectively judged to be associated with a crime

⑧ Other acts in violation of relevant laws and regulations

Article 12 Management of Posts

① The operator is responsible for the management and operation of the site's posts and materials. The operator shall always monitor defective posts and materials, and when he/she finds or receives a report on defective posts and materials, he/she shall delete the relevant posts and materials and notify the member who registered them.

On the other hand, the publisher is responsible for the posts posted by the members, so the members themselves should not post posts that violate the terms of use.

② If there is a request for correction from public institutions such as the Information and Communication Ethics Committee, the operator may delete or move the post without the prior consent of the member.

③ The criteria for judging defective posts are as follows.

- Where the content is grossly insulting or damaging to another member or a third party

- In the case of disseminating or linking information that violates public order and good customs

- In the case of encouraging piracy or hacking

- In the case of commercial advertising for the purpose of profit

- Where it is objectively recognized that it is related to a crime

- In the case of infringement of other rights, such as copyright, with other users or third parties

- Where it is deemed to be in violation of other relevant laws and regulations

④ Sites and operators may temporarily suspend (stop transmission) a request for suspension of posts from a third party due to defamation or infringement of intellectual property rights, and may be filed on the site after litigation, agreement, or other decisions by related agencies.

Article 13 Keeping of Posts

If the site operator suspends the site due to unavoidable circumstances, we will notify the members in advance and make every move to facilitate the transfer of posts.

Article 14 Copyright to Posts

① The copyright of a post posted by a member on the site belongs to the member who posted it. In addition, the site cannot use the post commercially without the publisher's consent. However, this is not the case for non-profit purposes, and you also have the right to publish within the service.

② Members shall not commercially use materials published in the service, such as arbitrarily processing or selling information acquired using the service.

③ The operator may delete, move, or refuse to register the contents and contents of the site posted or registered by the member without prior notice, if it is deemed to fall under any subparagraph of Article 12.

Article 15 Compensation for Damages

① All civil and criminal liability arising from this site is primarily held by the member himself.

② If the damage received by a member from this site is unavoidable, such as a natural disaster, or caused by intention or negligence of the member, no compensation shall be paid.

Article 16 Disclaimer

① The operator shall be exempted from liability for damages caused by the member's failure to obtain the expected benefit from the service provision of the site or the selection or use of the service materials.

② The operator shall be exempted from liability in the event of a failure of the service base of this site and telecommunications services provided by other carriers and shall comply with the terms and conditions of the site for damages related to the service base of this site

③ The operator shall not be responsible for any material stored, published or transmitted by the member.

④ The operator shall not be responsible for the failure to use the service due to reasons attributable to the member.

⑤ The Operator shall not be responsible for any activities (including data transmission, other community activities) between Members or between Members and third parties or outside of this Service.

⑥ The operator shall not be responsible for the authenticity, reliability, and accuracy of the data posted or transmitted by the member and all materials that the member may receive through this site.

⑦ The operator shall not be liable for any damages arising from the transaction of goods, etc. between the members or between the members and a third party through the service.

⑧ The operator shall not be responsible for any disputes arising between the members or between the members and a third party without reasons attributable to the operator.

⑨ The operator shall not be responsible for any damage caused by system failure, system failure due to intentional or intentional negligence in the management, inspection, repair, replacement, or software operation of a server or other equipment.

Article 17 (Contents on the implementation of Kakao Notification Talk)

Our company ("태초 taecho") informs you of non-advertising information such as information orders and delivery information through KakaoTalk notification messages through the phone number collection form of new members and e-mails from existing members. If you connect to a mobile network other than Wi-Fi, you may incur data charges while receiving a notification message. If you want to receive information in a different way than notification talk, please block notification talk.

Supplementary Provisions

These terms and conditions will take effect from 2023.02.01.


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Taecho is against any form of provocative advertising for sales. Our priority is the Environment, Social Responsibility, and Well-being of our customers & employees.

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Taecho’s products can only be purchased through Taecho’s official site. 

Also, our products can be verified by item labels, hang tags, and package labels.

Taecho provides an unparalleled experience in your customer journey that can not be mocked by any other counterfeit goods.

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